It starts with a Great Plan

Project Planning at Kelly Bros.

So you have decided to build or remodel your home. Great! Now what?

Whether you have been through the process before or are taking on a home project for the first time, the first place to start is at Kelly Bros.

We have decades of expertise and know the design process inside and out, and we know what needs to be done to ensure the project proceeds as smoothly as possible, meets your goals and aligns with your budget.

The Kelly Bros.
Design Process

We have found that the best first step is for you to schedule a showroom visit as soon as possible.

There is no commitment or obligation, just the opportunity for you to get to know us and what we offer. It will also help you, and us, get a feel for your goals, style, budget and more.


Our clean and sanitized showroom has a variety of kitchen displays, bathroom cabinetry optionsdoorswindowstrim and mouldings and more for you to browse through. Once in our showroom, here’s what you can expect.

Home Visit + Design

When you are ready, the next step is to meet with you, and possibly your contractor, in your home. We will look over the space and take measurements, and confirm what you are trying to achieve.

We also consider what appliances you have or would like to add or replace, and if there are any structural changes like removing or moving walls that might be necessary.

After this, we can provide you with preliminary pricing and with recommendations for door styles, finishes, hardware, etc., along with design renderings for a ‘first look’ at the finished project.

Ordering + Installation

Once all the final selections and decisions are made, we will meet with your contractor or installer to confirm measurements and project specifications.  Don’t have a contractor? Kelly Bros. can match the scope of your project with the right contractor in your area.

Then we will place the orders for your cabinetry, hardware, countertops, etc. We will also communicate with your contractor and installers to determine when to send products to home and to schedule installation.

We will keep you informed along the way about timing and anything else you need to know.

Note: It’s best to start planning now due to supply chain issues.

What makes Kelly Bros. different

Regardless of the size of your project, you deserve personalized attention and someone who answers the phone when you call with questions. You also deserve to work with someone who is highly knowledgeable in terms of design and construction, and can provide expert guidance and recommendations.

This is something Kelly Bros. can guarantee throughout your project. The combination of being highly accessible, knowledgeable and experienced helps projects run more smoothly.

We are also enthusiastic about every project and fun to work with! We try to make every project as enjoyable as possible so that you have a great experience and a great end result.


Once you have decided it’s time for an update to your home, it’s a good idea to think about what your goals are. What are you trying to achieve?  What are you hoping for? What does your dream space look like?

Whatever your goals are, the Kelly Bros. design team can help you achieve them.

Ready to get started?

Schedule a visit today or call to talk to a design specialist at 859-581-0400

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