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The latest, most distinctive outdoor living and entertaining cabinetry.

Kelly Bros. is proud to have NatureKast Weatherproof Outdoor cabinetry as the newest addition to our product line! These 100% weatherproof cabinets will enhance the beauty and functionality of your deck or back yard by giving you an outdoor retreat that can stand up to the elements.

NatureKast cabinets are compatible with most of the big names in outdoor grills, cooktops, sinks, and appliances. The wide range of TV cabinets, decorative molded elements and full access appliance cabinets ensures your outdoor space isn’t just a kitchen, but the perfect outdoor retreat for entertaining and relaxing.

Style +

On the attached deck, out in the open, on the rooftop, intermingled with your outdoor pizza oven, or even pool side, outdoor weatherproof cabinets provide the ultimate in style and functionality for your outdoor space.

NatureKast outdoor cabinet styles include sleek and contemporary lines for today’s modern homes as well as traditional wood looks for the most elegant estates. They are available in a wide variety of stains, paint and weathered finishes. 

You will enjoy this beautiful outdoor cabinetry for years to come, without the constant maintenance.

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